Horse Betting

Horse betting is a the sport of a sport, the sport of guessing horse racing result and maybe earning a few pounds in the process. When approaching horse betting it’s important to remember that nothing is certain in horse racing and horse racing results can turn out in many ways, some completely unpredictable. There are ways to guess and role out racing candidates but it requires years of experience in horse betting, patience, and vast knowledge of what goes on in the world of horse racing, past results, news, updates and comments made by owners, trainers and jockeys.

Betting On Real Horse Racing
Horse betting on real horse racing is done by comparing many factors and conditions in order to come up with a final conclusion of the winner inĀ  a given race. These factors consist of the horses’ form, past performance, ability to cope with different ground conditions, bloodline and related sire and stallion qualities, riding jockey and more. The trainer is also an important factor in the equation, as it is obvious that some trainers are superior than others and hold an impressive record in comparison to others, so treating a particular trainer’s horses as more fit than others is very common. There are also betting systems applied in horse betting, each system unique and uses different factors and calculations to come up with a suggestion of the likely to win horses.

Betting On Virtual Horse Racing
Horse betting in virtual horse racing became very popular in recent years and is considered pure gambling as oppose to real horse racing. Since the outcome of the race is randomly set by a computer draw, there is no handicapping or systems to work with in order to get proper selections. The horses are given a form rating which is the only factor affecting the results. Horses with good form rating will have more numbers in the draw and so have more chances of winning a race but present a very poor price in the odds. Even though these horses have better chances, in many virtual races it is not the case and the virtual horse racing results sometimes form in a way that horses that had small chance or no chance at all finish first.

At any case of the two, caution is advised. Real horse betting is recommended more than virtual horse betting, as the former is somewhat more predictable than the latter, which resmelbes more of a roulette game than a horse race.

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