Horse Racing

About Horse Racing
Horse racing is one of the  most prestigious sports and recreation activities. It is an old discipline practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years ever since the roman presented it on Britain’s soil, which would later on become the source and origin for modern horse racing and horse racing games. Horse racing is as it sounds, horses racing each other in accordance with the different levels and groups assigned for each race. The horses compete over various distances, different surfaces (dirt, turf, synthetic), different genders (colts only, fillies only, mixed races) age oriented races (2 year old, 3 year old etc.) when all these featurses house under two main types of races. The Flat race, which is a straight race ran over various distances and National Hunt race, an obstacles race referred to as hurdle jump or simply jump races. Horse racing is mainlky popular in Europe, especially in the UK, France, Germany and even Turkey. Horse racing is also very popular in the US.

Horse racing Careers Pursuit
Many career opportunities in the field of horse racing. As the need for stamina able horses became crucial, horse breeding turned professional and led the way for professional breeders to form breeding associations and stud farms. Trainer were called to flag as the need for training the horses for the races and keeping them in form came about. Jockeys started to ride the horses and build a name for themselves as well laying the foundations for the jockey position. Since horse racing is complex and financially challenging, a whole variety of industry related features and positions came to form. There are now hundreds if no thousands of stable workers, Vets, track maintenance and management teams and many more. The horse racing sport has also led to the foundation and development of clubs, associations and governing bodies for horse racing.

Horse Racing Courses

There are 60 licensed tracks in the UK a third of them Flat, a third National Hunt and the rest are mixed courses. Horse racing courses are a social meeting spot and a key feature in the social calender. They provide adequate facilities to allow horse racing to be engaged and also allow for social and business as well as privete events to take place in the well designed for the purpose on course facilities. The track’s also provide career opportunities mainly course’s administration and maintenance positions.  

Virtual Horse Racing
The recent development in horse racing is virtual horse racing, delivering virtual horse racing results form virtual races held at virtual courses that by now became renowned among the punters. The concept is simple, virtual horse racing that mimics real horse racing, allowing punters to wager anytime, anywhere regardless of the real races fixtures. Two famous virtual horse courses are the Sprintvalley virtual horse racing course and its virtual race sprintvalley live results and the Steepledowns virtual horse racing course.

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