Virtual Horse Racing Games

What is Virtual Horse Racing Games
Virtual horse racing games are online or non online horse racing games that have only recently became popular among a large and growing crowd of kids and adults who spend hours on hours playing virtual horse racing games.

Racing in Virtual Horse Racing Games

Virtual horse racing games allows the players to race in virtual horse racing, providing virtual courses and meetings and a list of horses running in a race. The players control a single horse when the goal is to win the race. Various factors take affect in the game much like live horse racing, factors such as track’s condition, horses’ form more while the players must cope with these factors, race and win under the conditions of the race. For each race won the player’s horse moves up in form levels, improving the player’s chance at bringing its horse first to the finish line.

Virtual Horse Racing Games

Behind the Scene of Virtual Horse Racing Games
Some virtual horse racing games are designed entirely different than virtual horse racing games which are based solely on racing. In these solely virtual horse racing game the player acts as an owner and trainer. As an owner, the players form virtual stables and gather a list of horses upon which the player applies decisions such as which horse to race, which horse to remain under training, which horse to become a stud and raise the stables’ revenue and which horses have done their deed and can be retired. Every action done has an affect on the course of the game. Breeding the horses and training them costs money, money that is earned either by winning races, trading horses or charging for breeding in case the owner owns stud horses. This means that failing to properly manage the stables and horses would result in financial loses and poor racing results leading further to an undesirable financial status. As a trainer, the Players decide which horses worthy of training time and resources investments, thus affecting the virtual horse racing results horses chances at winning and the stables chances of becoming successful connections, earning more resources to maintain the stables and acquire new potential horses for the racing.

Virtual Stable

Virtual Horse Racing Games resemblance to Live Horse Racing
In a sense, virtual horse racing games, such as those offered at Sulkyland, present many features that exist in live horse racing. The different stables each having its own qualities, horses with different qualities and performance rating, training regimes and supplements affecting the horses’ mental and physical condition and track’s conditions that change from one race to another. These factors join to form the races outcome, much like in live horse racing where every bit of everything has an affect on the horse racing results. Come to think of it, one can actually learn about being an owner or a trainer by playing the game, making all the possible mistakes on a virtual environment.

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