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Introducing Raceclubs Virtual Racing
Raceclubs is a website offering online virtual horse racing games fit both for kids and adults. The idea behind Raceclubs virtual racing is to have a real horse racing scene similar to live horse racing in every manner and aspect possible except for the fact that’s virtual and online. Other than that, the horse racing games available at Raceclubs virtual racing are pretty much like real horse racing terms of training affects, racing conditions, stables finance management and of course horse racing results which are of course virtual horse racing results.

Playing Raceclubs Virtual Racing
Each player forms a stable by picking up a horse and assigning him with a unique name that would follow him throughout his entire career. The player than puts the horse into a training period and applies the horse with racing equipment such as blinkers and horseshoes, add supplements to its diet and when the horse is done with the training, have him entered in a race suitable for his skills and abilities. almost every action in Raceclubs virtual racing requires virtual money to be put, whether it’s buying a horse, purchasing equipment, or paying the race entry fee. The more training the horse goes through, the more high quality equipment he gets and the more races he attends, the better chances at winning races and earning money for the stable owner (player) he’ll have.

Raceclubs Virtual Racing for Real
As mentioned earlier, Raceclubs virtual racing illustrates real horse racing on an online platform. Things go even more real like and serious when real money is involved in the game. The player can choose whether he would like to engage real money, using it the same it is used in real horse racing, buying horses, paying jockeys, purchasing equipment and supplements and receiving money awards for winning races. This way the player can have a hand at developing the stables, buying new horses, train existing horses more thoroughly and have them fit for many potential races. This way growing stables are a thing of common in the Raceclubs virtual horse racing, further more sustaining the virtual environment of horse racing games.

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