Free Virtual Horse Racing

Free virtual horse racing games and virtual horse racing free bets can be found in many online sports betting sites and virtual horse racing games sites.

Virtual Horse Racing
The term virtual horse racing stands for two disciplines which have grown immensely in the recent years followed by the ongoing of development of online and web features. One is free virtual horse racing games and the other is betting on virtual horse racing run at virtual horse racing courses such as Sprintvalley virtual horse racing and Steepledowns virtual horse racing.

Virtual Horse Racing

Free Virtual Horse Racing Games
These virtual horse racing games were designed to give players user friendly platform in which they can set up their own stable and engage horse racing from the back scene side, in a manner similar as possible to live horse racing. Players can assume the role of a trainer/owner and once having their virtual stable set up, redeem free roaming horses and lead them through a training regime to reach a point where their horses are fully capable of racing. Winning races awards the players with points that can be used to buy more horses, upgrade existing horses’ equipment to improve their chances of winning the races, treat wounded horses and more, in a manner which is extremely similar to training in the real world of horse racing. Another feature of free virtual horse racing games is the players option to assume the role of jockey, acquiring full control over the horses’ performance in the race and by doing so increasing the chances of winning races and earning more¬† points that can be later on used to further develop the stable.

Virtual Horse Racing Free Bets
Nowadays, almost every leading online sportsbooks and betting sites which offer horse racing betting, also offer betting on virtual horse racing. These races take place every 3 minuets over a course of a 24/7 loop, allowing bettors to bet on virtual horse racing at any given moment. The way virtual horse racing results are determined is very simple. Horses are assigned odds much like in real horse racing, only in virtual horse racing the odds manifest in a different way. Once assigned with odds, each horse is given draw numbers, when horses with low odds, meaning with higher chances of winning the race, get more draw numbers than horses with high odds. A computerized process then randomly draws the numbers to determine which horse to finish at which position. Most betting sites now offer virtual horse racing free bets, usually at around £25, upon registration, allowing the those who bet on virtual horse racing to enjoy a first time bet for free.

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