Online Virtual Horse Racing

Online virtual horse racing had only recently became popular among horse racing players who went about live horse racing solely before getting to know the opportunity to bet on virtual horse racing.

Online Virtual Horse Racing
The concept of online virtual horse racing is rather simple. An online platform, such as the Sprintvalley virtual horse racing course, conducts virtual horse racing in the form of flash movies in which a bettor can actually see a group of virtual horses running the virtual course in way that resembles live horse racing. TheĀ  horses are assigned with odds in order to reflect the chances each horse bears in winning the race.

The outcome of the virtual race is determined by a computerized number draw when the the horse assigned with that particular number wins the race. Horses with lower odds, meaning they have more chances to win the race, are assigned with more draw numbers than horses with higher odds. This way a horse with low odds gets more chances of having its number drawn by the computer thus increasing the chances of this horse to win the race. In the same manner, horses with high odds get less draw numbers, a fact that significantly reduces their chances to win the race.

Betting On Online Virtual Horse Racing
There are several virtual horse racing courses which hold virtual horse racing in a 24/7 cycle. Each virtual horse racing course can be found in the leading sports betting sites where bettors can see the racecards, watch the races, usually run every 3 minutes and stay updated with the latest horse racing results. Stakes placing and payout are calculatedĀ  in the same manner as in live horse racing.

However, since live horse racing features a lot more factors which affect the outcome of the race than virtual horse racing, such as the course’s going, the horses’ physical and mental shape day of the race, jockey’s experience, training regime and more, predicting the results in online virtual horse racing is very difficult as the results are semi random due to the random computerized number draw. This is why spread bettingĀ  is highly recommended in these kind of racing, in order to help the bettor narrow down the chances of picking the wrong horse, even if that horse appears to have favorable odds.

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