Sprintvalley Virtual Horse Racing

Betting on Virtual Horse Racing
The option of betting on Virtual horse racing has been recently offered by top online bookmakers, allowing punters to place a wager outside the regular races held at the UK horse courses. Punters can go about wagering when ever they fancy to, not having to stay updated by live horse racing news, tips, updates or wait the whole day through with anticipation for the afternoon races, a wait that is often accompanied by the ante post betting anxiety.

Sprintvalley Virtual Horse Racing
Sprintvalley virtual horse racing is a virtual horse racing course where races are run every three minuets 24 hours a day, with a predetermined list of virtual horses running the Sprintvalley virtual horse racing racecourse and an outcome of virtual horse racing results as the sprintvalley results. Much like in regular racing, at Sprintvalley virtual horse racing there is a large list of horses from which the race card is compiled followed by odds assignment to each horse in accordance with every horse particular chances at winning the race, determining the sprintvalley results, again much like live horse racing. The online raceboook provides an animated video of the race, shown every three minuets, giving the punters some of the sensation acquired by watching horse racing on TV when watching the virtual race sprintvalley live results.

Odds at Sprintvalley Virtual Horse Racing
The odds for every horse are determined by several factors that are his virtual form, whether he’s a favorite or not, and past races results all combined together to form odds. Unlike live horse racing, where the factors of training, assigned jockey, race conditions and more meet to form the final outcome of a race, at Sprintvalley virtual horse racing, the horse racing results are a manifestation of a random computerized number draw that determines the win, place and show and then the rest of the positions in the race. Horses with lower odds get more numbers in the draw than higher odds horses, and therefore hold more chances at winning. This however is not always the case. Since the outcome is random at nature, chances of placing a winning wager drop significantly as there are no factors to take in account and no handicapping to be made. As a result, betting on virtual race sprintvalley live results resembles more casino betting such as roulette games or slot machines, than actual horse betting.

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