Steepledowns Virtual Horse Racing

Betting on Virtual Horse Racing
Steepledowns virtual horse racing course is an online virtual course that conducts races every few minutes giving the punters the option to place a wager on steepledowns results whenever they wish to do so without having to depend on live horse racing where races are conducted at a specific time and there are no more than 8 races held at each course. This gives the punters the freedom to place a wager at anytime, anywhere regardless of the races due to run in the UK horse courses.

Races at Steepledowns Virtual Horse Racing
The races at Steepledowns Virtual Horse Racing course are completely virtual meaning there are no Animated races watched as an events but simply a racing card with the horses’ names and odds. There are approximately between 8 to 15 races a day with different horses and different odds for every race. The good thing about races in the virtual form is that there are no hold backs or delays in the races, no weather conditions no be concerned with, no option for a horse to be a non runner, no long periods of time between races and no factors to take in account when placing a wager. The bad thing about horse betting on virtual horse racing is that much like the steepledowns results, the races results are randomly generated by a computer. The computer draws numbers preassigned to each horse when a horse with low odds gets more numbers from the draw and a horse with high odds gets less numbers in the draw, resulting in low odds horses having a better chance in winning the race, much like in live horse racing. This means there are no trainers or jockeys to look for and examine and the aspect of the physical form of the horses simply don’t exist. At the bottom line, horse racing betting at Steepledowns virtual horse racing is like playing roulette or throwing dice.

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