Virtual Racing Results

Many sites nowadays offer a chance to experience virtual racing like virtual horse racing, whether betting on virtual horse races run at virtual horse racing courses or playing virtual horse racing games as a trainer or jockey and form the virtual racing results by playing these virtual horse racing games.

Virtual Racing Results
As the racing is virtual so does the results. The virtual racing result of a race, like the steepledowns results can be determined in many ways such as a random computer draw setting the outcome of race, or in the case of virtual horse racing games, by adding all the factors in a race, adding them up and using advanced calculations forming the virtual racing result which to resemble live racing results as close as possible. This gives virtual horse racing a bit of an edge as the virtual racing results are computer generated rather than real live factors affected as in real horse racing. It is also a bit controversial since computer generated virtual racing results can never be random like live resultsĀ  and therefore always create a situation in which the results can be determined using advanced statistics. However, this is not always the case.

Betting on Virtual Racing Results
There is now a possibility to bet on virtual racing results unlike in the past when betting was done on live racing alone. These virtual horse racing are run at virtual racing sites, usually under a flash platform animated movie. Bettors get the odds of each horse when the odds state the horse’s chances of landing a win. Each horse is assigned with numbers and the computer than draw all the numbers to set the virtual racing results. The lower the odds, the more numbers in the computerized draw for these particular horses, making them more likely to be drawn for the first places in the races final position. The higher the odds, the less numbers in the draw for these horses.

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